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Nature's Own Smile
is available
exclusively through
Standish Denture Center
Standish Maine


Now With Four Offices

Standish Denture Center
Gretchen Lane

just off Cape Road (Rt. 35 A)
, Standish

Standish Denture Center
Jetport Plaza

407 Western Ave S. POrtland


Standish Denture Center
The Center For Shopping
1364 Main Street, Sanford

Standish Denture Center
19 Portland St.



At Standish Denture Center We Believe in

Optimum Patient Service
Constantly Evolving Our Products and Services
Enhanced Quality Delivery to Our Patients

"The quality of our service is only as good as those who provide it"

Meet Our People
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DD (Canada),HMCDP (UK)

Standish Denture Center, LLC
PO Box 58
7 Gretchen Lane
Standish, Maine 04084



Patient Forms and Important Information

Here are some helpful forms that we ask you to fill out before you come to the office. You can open each form by clicking on it, and then print it out. You will need Adobe Reader to view these forms. If you don't have it, just click on this icon to download this free program.
Information for New Patients Patient Information Form
Patient Medical History Form Patient Acknowledgement Form

Information About Denture Care and Maintaining Oral Health
Privacy Policy


Our Radio Ads

Standish Denture Center has used "Theater of the Mind" radio advertising for quite some time to reach our current and new patients.  We have used these creative messages not only to reach out to patients but we hope we have provided some entertainment as well.  Just click on the various ad titles to enjoy them one more time.

My Dog Ate My Dentures
Replace Your Dentures
Take Out A Loan

Ed and Wilbur
Ed and Wilbur-Nature's Own Smile

Ed and Wilbur- Ed Sings

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Answers To Your Questions

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