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Complete and Partial Dentures 

At Standish Denture Center LLC in Standish, Maine, we are proud to meet all of your denture needs, providing everything from complete to partial dentures. Let our experts care for your smile and see the difference we can make.

Denture Systems
Our denture center offers complete denture systems, ensuring that you receive a custom-blended smile. In this system, and with your help, we can choose each tooth individually instead of picking a set from a manufacturer. We can also provide you with a choice of shades.

Complete, Partial, Implant Retained Dentures
By crafting our patient’s new dentures, our center can provide duplicate, or spare, dentures in an emergency. In addition, to serve you better, denture maintenance is also available for the life of your dentures with yearly cleaning and polishing for as long as 10 years. Optimum fit is also guaranteed for one year, and our dentures are guaranteed against breakage, under normal usage, for five years.


Immediate and Near Immediate Dentures

There are many advantages to immediate dentures. These transitional dentures can be placed at the time of surgical teeth extraction, taking you through the healing period of your dental ridge. This period is usually about six months.

On some occasions, our experts suggest that you wait a few weeks before we make your dentures after your teeth are extracted. These are near immediate dentures, and they depend on you natural teeth’s existing condition. This treatment allows for a denture try-in thereby, eliminating the cosmetics problems associated with conventional immediate dentures.


Replacement Dentures

If your extractions were done at least six months ago and your mouth is fully healed, our center can provide replacement dentures. Typically, we have patients come in for five appointments: consultation, impressions, bites registration, try-ins, and denture insertion. These appointments take approximately three to four weeks to complete, and follow-up visits are always scheduled.

During the bite registration appointment, we provide you with the opportunity to see the various types of available teeth. We also discuss appearances and answer all of your questions in this appointment.


Denture Repair

Denture repairs usually done same day and can be picked up by 4:30pm


Denture Relines

With proper care, dentures should last six to ten years; however, even with proper care, dentures will need to be relined. This is because the dental ridge can change due to resorption, which is a breakdown of ridge bone causing dentures to fit improperly.
Most denture wearers should have their denture relined every three to five years in order to ensure a proper fit. If you have had your dentures for three years, you should make an appointment with your denturist to see if your dentures need to be relined.